Events List for Classic Motoring Society / Nelson-Marlborough

Remember to check your email’s prior to runs as they may have to be cancelled due to Covid or weather.

These are what are currently planned – fingers crossed it can still happen.


 SUNDAY 12 th JUNE  2022 Mid-Winter Christmas  (lunch) Dinner Marlborough Golf Clubhouse ,Fairhall.                                                                       $35 per person, 11:30 am for social hour before meal is served.  Bar on site,   No BYO.                                                                                                        Please pay  CMS bank account   12-3165-0158467-00.  Particulars: Mid-Winter. Reference: your name. When you have paid please email Rosanne on If you have any special diatary needs ordo not have internet banking please email Rosanne.More details to follow.  Please book earlyfor catering numbers.                                                                                                                                                                                             

THURSDAY RUN  30 th JUNE                             - Organizers: Frank  Griffith and Kevin York
























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